Client Stories

    Client Stories

  • Enterprise Data Analytics

    A 50-location auto parts retailer lacked the timely, actionable data needed to make informed decisions about inventory allocation and purchasing.Learn More

  • Formalizing Information Security
    for a more secure enterprise

    There is no compromising when it comes to Information security—especially when dealing with sensitive customer data.Learn More

  • Optimizing Your HR Processes

    Finding the right talent from day one is an important piece of long-term employee retention. So when one technology-enabled services organization had ongoing turnover problems due to performance issues, it was clear the hiring process needed to change.Learn More

  • ERP Right-Sizing

    How well companies leverage enterprise resource planning (ERP) software can either make or break growth. For one tech-enabled services company, the ERP was causing more harm than good.Learn More

  • Program Management – Business Transformation

    What was the challenge your client faced? – How to manage the series of IT, Security and Operational projects needed to integrate six disparate divisions that were formed due to multiple acquisitions, into an integrated organization.Learn More

  • Cloud Migration

    What was the challenge your client faced? – Multiple acquisitions created an environment with functional duplication of critical operational software. Learn More

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