Program Management – Business Transformation

Program Management – Business Transformation

Jan, 2021


  • What was the challenge your client faced? – How to manage the series of IT, Security and Operational projects needed to integrate six disparate divisions that were formed due to multiple acquisitions, into an integrated organization.   Not just multiple divisions who did not work harmoniously, but distinct legacy ERP Systems, operational processes, distinct domains and email/collaboration systems, and outdated on-premise infrastructure that lacked adequate security. As a result, significant manual processes and systems were cobbled together while multiple acquisitions occurred.
  • What was their pain? – Lacked talent/experience to manage the integration and transformation efforts and lead them to successful outcomes.
  • What did it cost them—or prevent them from doing? – An enterprise project management and program management combined with a governance framework increased the probability of success for the strategy and execution and help the company scale for growth.
  • What was their vision of what the solution could provide? Integrated systems,processes and resources with a formal governance approach that would align with the company’s strategies and goals for growth.
  • Why did they seek an outside solution? – Lack of experience managing large scale transformations, understanding change management complexities and formalizing enterprise governance. Change is challenging for organizations…the local team needed coaching to pull off the transition to a new, streamlined operational and technical services.

Work / Collaboration

  • What did you provide for them? – Compello’s governance approach and framework aligned the company Value Stream teams for easier management; the team established project Governance groups (Steering Committee/Center of Excellence teams) and provided best practices in technical and operational project management to guide (coach) the teams to successful delivery of services; the team right-sized the management approaches to meet the needs of the individual project goals.
  • How did this fit their criteria? – Assisted and accelerated the results (deliveries) by applying previous lessons-learned/best practices in technical and operational project management; accelerated ROI to meet the goals of for the Sr. Management and PE teams.
  • What did the work entail (with a little bit of detail)? Created a dashboard to measure the multiple projects, (program equals the collection of project which grew to 20+ (projects)); created an internal resources dashboard to identify resource allocation ; created numerous communication and visual presentations to convey timing, status, sequence, and approached for technical services delivery.
  • What made your experience, your offering, your approach, your value, your team members, and anything else you offered an effective solution? – Experience, 100’s of technical projects, technical background and experience, continued education on best practices, designed an effective and adaptive project approach that aligns the efforts with the team’s capabilities and right-sized the discipline necessary for successful delivery.  Compello’s visual digital process mapping software to outline the company’s current and future processes, identify gaps and opportunities for streamlined efficiencies and costs.


  • Can they quantify results in some way? – The client can point to successful delivery of services in record time(s). The client can quantify cost/time savings from the business process re-designs that meet the needs of the future organizational structure.
  • Can you (or they) describe their reaction? – The rapid process mapping workshops yielded VERY fast results across the Value Streams; the client was happy with the approach and grateful for the Sr. level coaching of the onsite PM teams.
  • How did it make their lives or work better? – The approaches have sped up the results; the approaches have eliminated the ‘log jams’ (in stalled projects) and positioned them in such a way to accelerate the Value Streams.
  • How did it make their work more effective? – Process Mapping technique assisted rapid requirements gathering, deliverables definition, brainstorming solutions, and converted meetings … to working meetings; project/program planning; general visualizations
  • How did it open opportunities, speed revenue, reduce expenses, solidify teamwork, facilitate business, or other result? Process mapping software and best practices revealed ‘know what you are doing (visually)’ and we embedded organizational change management inside of the requirements/process improvement activities; the projects fostered team cohesion and we coached champions for the change management efforts;
  • Can you add anything anecdotal or quote-based? MS Teams provided coAuthoring/coEditing capabilities that turned out to be the ‘secret sauce’ for collaboration!!!

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