Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration

Jan, 2021


  • What was the challenge your client faced? – Multiple acquisitions created an environment with functional duplication of critical operational software. The company needed consolidate proprietary-systems into a go-forward platform to serve the company for 5-10 years. These proprietary systems are the primary operational systems that manage the business of a $250 million technology-enabled services organization.
  • What was their pain? – Multiple proprietary systems that served similar operational functions existed on aging outdated infrastructure. To enable the go forward platform, the company needed an infrastructure approach to scale on a secure future-proof infrastructure platform.
  • What did it cost them—
  • What was their vision of what the solution could provide? – The company chose to migrate to Microsoft Azure to leverage existing investments in Microsoft technologies and benefit from the agility, security, and scalability of cloud computing.
  • Why did they seek an outside solution? – The company had multiple business units that needed to focus on incremental improvements to the existing platforms, while Compello could augment the team with modernization strategy and implementation.
  • What were their objectives and criteria? – The company’s objectives were to create a future-proof, secure, scalable platform that enables innovation and agility.

Work / Collaboration

  • What did you provide for them? – Compello designed and implemented the future proof Azure cloud architecture with 99.995% availability through multiple data centers in a single region and multi-region disaster recovery. The cloud solution follows best practices for security and availability and provides extensive compliance capabilities through auditing and similar best practices.
  • How did this fit their criteria? –
  • What did the work entail (with a little bit of detail)?  Compello engineers collaborated with the company’s senior technical leadership in weekly design meetings. Also, Compello trained internal resources on cloud best practices such as infrastructure as code, least privilege design, and cloud-native approaches.
  • What made your experience, your offering, your approach, your value, your team members, and anything else you offered an effective solution? – Compello’s critical success advantage came from listening to the customer’s unique needs and working together through difficult engineering tradeoffs to create an appropriate solution.


  • Can they quantify results in some way? – The company performed extensive load testing to ensure the go-forward platform would meet the 6x increase in near-term capacity and 15x increase in two-to-three year capacity needs.
  • Can you (or they) describe their reaction? – The company’s senior technical leadership is a partner in the journey and completely inline with the new capabilities. The team is excited to leverage cloud-native technologies now to produce more value for customers in less time using the cloud.
  • How did it make their lives or work better? – The company can easily increase capacity as needed and no longer needs to overprovision data center infrastructure “just in case.” Also, the company’s engineers are now excited to build their skillsets on cloud technologies to align their careers with the momentum of the technology industry.
  • How did it make their work more effective? – The team can now provision new cloud-native technologies such as multi-data-center SQL server clusters in minutes, whereas these efforts had taken months previously without completion.
  • How did it open opportunities, speed revenue, reduce expenses, solidify teamwork, facilitate business, or other result?
  • Can you add anything anecdotal or quote-based?   The company’s solution availability increased to less than one hour of downtime per year from nearly ten hours per year earlier.

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