ERP Right-Sizing

ERP Right-Sizing

Feb, 2021


How well companies leverage enterprise resource planning (ERP) software can either make or break growth. For one tech-enabled services company, the ERP was causing more harm than good. The organization had several disjointed systems serving 800 employees across five departments. The resulting high costs, poor data integrity, and lack of control over the ERP systems were burdensome and perpetuating inefficiency across the organization. The client looked to Compello Partners for our 25 years of experience and success with ERP systems to usher in a new era of efficiency and robust growth.

Sizing Up the Problem

The organization’s overarching problem—the inability to leverage one central ERP—led to a cascade of other deep issues that affected both the company and its clients. System upgrades and data integration were often unavailable because of differing software. Without any centralized processes, each of the five departments lacked the inter-departmental workflows needed to collaborate. In searching for a solution, the organization did not have the proper experience working with vendors to select the right ERP system and see deployment through. Compello evaluated the client’s needs and supplemented the knowledge gaps that were preventing the organization from adopting a unified system.

Simplification and Collaboration

The organization needed strategic guidance to ensure the ERP selection process and subsequent implementation would go off without a hitch. Compello provided a customized roadmap to accelerate the evaluation, selection, negotiation, and implementation of a new ERP system. In just three and a half weeks, the organization signed a contract with NetSuite, the leading cloud-based ERP system—and with an internal project charter, governance, and value stream team prepared by Compello, was thoroughly prepared to deploy the ERP system throughout the organization.

Efficiency Fosters Growth

Under Compello’s guidance, the organization was well on its way to transitioning to a new era of organization and efficiency. Defined roles and responsibilities instilled a sense of confidence across teams and accelerated the ERP system implementation. With this new system in place, disparities across departments have disappeared. Accounting systems, databases, and resources are all in a central location, enabling efficient collaboration across the company and eliminating the need to increase headcount. All of the improvements allowed transparent data sharing, seamless integrations, and a streamlined planning process for the organization’s growth.

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