Optimizing Your HR Processes

Optimizing Your HR Processes

Feb, 2021


Finding the right talent from day one is an important piece of long-term employee retention. So when one technology-enabled services organization had ongoing turnover problems due to performance issues, it was clear the hiring process needed to change. HR was underutilizing human capital management (HCM) systems and lacked standard recruitment and financial management procedures, making it difficult to source hires with the skills to carry out job duties effectively. The company called upon Compello Partners to improve its HCM systems and define HR standard operating procedures—leading to higher retention and a better corporate culture.

Inconsistencies Causing Inefficiencies

One of the main causes of inefficiency in HR was a lack of documentation. Different teams were using different processes to manage their people, and the overall recruitment process wasn’t set up to properly measure candidates’ skills. With HR employees manually sifting through 250+ resumes per day, the process led to wasted time with little reward. Disparate applicant tracking systems (ATS) and HCM systems meant that employee information and financial records—detailing important information like compensation, bonuses, benefits, days off, and more—was largely inaccessible when needed.

Stepping Into Automation

The problem was twofold: the company had no uniform HR processes, and the array of processes it did use were time-consuming and inefficient. The solution? Building strong workflows and incorporating automation. Compello Partners provided the team with critical knowledge about HCM workflows and assessed, streamlined, and enhanced processes and systems across the organization. Our expertise also helped the company avoid nearly $60,000 of added costs by teaching HR how to better utilize the existing HCM system rather than totally replace it.

Stronger Processes and Culture

The knowledge the client gained from Compello has tightened HR processes and led to a stronger, people-first organization. All HR representatives received comprehensive training to ensure procedures are uniform and aligned. Now, the organization can quantify its hiring metrics and hire the right talent from the start. By properly utilizing compensation systems, the organization is ableto process payroll and benefits quickly and accurately.

With automation implementation and technology optimization, the organization’s HCM and financial systems save significant time. What’s more, the transformation increased security by keeping data centralized within one system. These improvements are paving the way for the organization to become a more competitive employer and build a technically skilled team that exceeds client expectations.

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