Formalizing Information Security
for a more secure enterprise

Formalizing Information Security
for a more secure enterprise

Feb, 2021


There is no compromising when it comes to Information security—especially when dealing with sensitive customer data. So, when one finserv company’s decentralized IT infrastructure made it increasingly difficult to implement cross-organization information security governance, leadership knew something had to change. They turned to Compello Partners to bring dedicated expertise in information security, optimize processes and controls, and implement enterprise-wide SOC-2-compliant security measures to facilitate growth.

The Inefficiency Problem

Disparate IT systems made it difficult to establish a uniform, effective information security system to prevent cyberattacks. These security systems were also becoming quite costly to implement and maintain. What’s more, the company was spending an inordinate amount of time and effort responding to customer audit requests. Stuck in the past, the organization was unable to identify inefficiencies or modernize its security. To spark growth and achieve efficiency, the organization needed cloud-based solutions that could support the entire enterprise and its path forward.

Right-Sizing a Unified Solution

To find its way toward sustainable growth, increased revenue, and a higher valuation, the organization needed to meet aspirational security standards and ensure it could prevent security breaches. Compello Partners started by establishing a roadmap and providing the requisite tools to implement an enterprise-wide security governance.

The approach to tightening the organization’s security was collaborative: Compello’s in-house experts learned every facet of the organization’s operations and its corporate culture to ensure a seamless fit. We identified solutions, developed operational playbooks, and defined success metrics that would be sustainable for the long-term.

An Industry-Leading Transformation

Right away, eliminating redundancies and implementing a unified solution reduced the time and effort spent on monitoring the organization’s information security procedures. Employees no longer pore over customer audits for hours, and the costs and risks tied to enterprise security measures are significantly reduced—putting money back into the company’s bottom line.

The success of the organization’s information security transformation lies in the customer’s involvement. Every decision was made with the organization’s input—especially when it came to defining the standards and roles to govern processes. Compello’s solutions opened the lines of communication among the various business units and increased information availability throughout the company. The result is a stronger organization with cutting-edge information security measures that position the company for competitive success in an industry where minimizing risk is paramount.

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