Medical organizations encounter rapid change, fast-evolving regulations, and
data proliferation.


  • HITRUST Certification and extensive safeguards
  • Protection against ransomware and data breaches
  • Harness the power of data and letting it drive decision-making

Our Expertise

  • Build formal governance, and a risk & compliance program
  • Eliminate cybersecurity events and business disruptions
  • Implement enterprise business intelligence platform to leverage accurate
    and real-time data
  • Establish increased performance visibility for greater efficiency and
    improved services

Automotive Aftermarket

The Automotive Aftermarket industry has experienced exponential growth in online
sales through the last five years. Additionally, it has been a highly disruptive space with
rapid innovation which has demanded a level of agility and strategic transformation that
many organizations find challenging to achieve.


  • Data-driven strategic planning and execution
  • Forward-thinking design and development team
  • Focus on brand amplification and sustainability
  • Effective sales methodologies that can scale globally
  • Demonstrated leadership and service capabilities


  • Establish critical IT infrastructure and systems to achieve business goals
  • Integration from ERP to ACES/PIES for increased visibility and accuracy of data
  • Distribution excellence – Expertise in the management of the supply chain and
    distribution centers
  • Integration from applications and suppliers
  • Implement cross-functional workflows and processes to raise efficiency levels
  • Create opportunities to expand market reach and increase growth


The industry is using innovative platforms and emerging technologies to improve productivity and carry out predictive maintenance.


  • Resolve ineffective deployment and insecure Internet of Things (IoT) technology
  • Take advantage of lean continuous improvement
  • Advance utilization of ERP systems and increase automated processes

Our Expertise

  • Mine data from IoT platforms and other devices, capturing real-time data for immediate decision-making
  • Improve processes to generate optimal value for customers and remove wasteful activities
  • Apply certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt resources for training, solutions, and rapid go-to-market execution
  • Fully optimize and right-size the ERP system for increased efficiencies, profitability,
    and customer satisfaction

Software /

As organizations worldwide turn to cloud services, software and technology firms must evolve at an exponential pace in their development, capabilities, and applications.


  • Build more secure, scalable, and agile technologies
  • Develop more extensible platforms and decrease ‘time to market’
  • Make software products and business services more accessible

Our Expertise

  • Provide strategic direction and help to evolve human capital
  • Bring precision to the software development lifecycle
  • Ramp up the technology footprint through innovation
  • Drive competitive advantages and growth from an architecture, developer,
    and leadership perspective


While digitization and modern technologies have solved problems in the financial industry, the digital revolution has also created new ones, as many institutions have discovered.


  • Manage risk by protecting your assets from cyber-theft
  • Effectively manage data by volume, veracity, variety, and velocity
  • Reliably maintain regulatory compliance

Our Expertise

  • Develop a more secure platform and put into effect cybersecurity solutions
  • Launch enterprise intelligence platforms
  • Implement a formal governance, risk, and compliance program
  • Leverage AI & machine learning to make sense of ‘big data’