Automotive Aftermarket

The Automotive Aftermarket industry has experienced exponential growth in online
sales through the last five years. Additionally, it has been a highly disruptive space with
rapid innovation which has demanded a level of agility and strategic transformation that
many organizations find challenging to achieve.


  • Data-driven strategic planning and execution
  • Forward-thinking design and development team
  • Focus on brand amplification and sustainability
  • Effective sales methodologies that can scale globally
  • Demonstrated leadership and service capabilities


  • Establish critical IT infrastructure and systems to achieve business goals
  • Integration from ERP to ACES/PIES for increased visibility and accuracy of data
  • Distribution excellence – Expertise in the management of the supply chain and
    distribution centers
  • Integration from applications and suppliers
  • Implement cross-functional workflows and processes to raise efficiency levels
  • Create opportunities to expand market reach and increase growth

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