Mid-Market PE firm with $3B AUM

“Compello manages all aspects of IT and technology due diligence from network infrastructure to code reviews, rapidly and cost-effectively. Rich conducts all interactions with target companies or portfolio companies directly, providing senior-level attention which improves project quality.”

VP Global Supply Chain

“A strategic and “roll up their sleeves” attitude that drives bottom-line IT and operational savings. The Compello team identified our gaps, recommended practical solutions and ensured that all parties executed.”

Chief Financial Officer, $250 million

“Compello is not your typical consulting group. They take the “Partner” title seriously, to truly understand our business so that together we can address our needs that drive value to all of our customers, employees and shareholders. It’s not the typical “dusting off of the same old recommendation whitepapers” that other consultants employ, but only true engagement and understanding of our needs and our direction so that they can help position our organization for our best future.”

Operating Executive, Mid-market PE firm

“Compello Partners does great work on the IT infrastructure of a business. They’re not a typical “hardware / software consulting firm”—they go a layer deeper, doing incredible work mapping the IT infrastructure to overall operations, identifying strengths and weaknesses.”

Partner, Mid-market private equity

“We engage Compello Partners for diligence and post-close integrations. The team understands the PE playbook, which allows them to focus early on the critical areas that impact our investment decision. They build a strong rapport with the company’s management, setting the stage for a successful integration process.”